"Gal-on-the-go" gift guide

I’m pushing 20 trips so far in 2015. That's over 4 countries and 17 different cities. I’m pretty proud of the travel expert I’ve become over time, but these bragging rights also came with some moments of struggle.  I've learned that a few basic items can make your traveling experience significantly more enjoyable. So I've gathered them up to share with you here. Whether you're traveling yourself, or shopping for another "gal-on-the-go" this season, I hope they'll bring you (or the traveller you love) a little more simplicity. 


Diane von Furstenberg Adieu Hardside Spinner Suitcase

I’ve always purchased discount luggage from some sort of outlet store because nice luggage prices always seemed exorbitant. But after buying a cheap suitcase every year I felt like I was throwing my money away each time one fell apart.  So finding this Diane von Furstenberg luggage set was a game changer. It's durable, reasonably priced, comes with a warranty, and looks chic to boot. 



The Day Designer Black Spotty 2016 Planner

I had the pleasure of meeting Whitney English at the Storyline Conference in Chicago, and I fell in love with her stunning planners- known as "The Day Designer."  I'm a pretty digital gal. I use iCal and Evernote for almost everything. But The Day Designer goes way beyond the basic to-do lists. It allows me to get clear on my life on a day-to-day basis, no matter how chaotic the week or month ahead may be. It's filled with inspiring quotes (which make my heart pitter patter) and it's exterior design is chic + durable, making it an essential I tote along with me every day. 


Turkish-T Cashmere Wrap

Flying means some of the most inconsistent temperatures in a short amount of time. Layering is key, so I always try to wear a scarf that doubles as a blanket I can curl up in. Cashmere is the ideal fabric for this, and so this Turkish-T Cashmere Wrap is just what the doctor ordered. You can wear it as shown above, wrapped around you as a blanket, or dozens of other ways. I'll probably never fly without it again. 





Tieks Matte Black Ballet Flats

I’m always caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to what shoes to wear while traveling. Either I look like an obvious tourist in tennis shoes, or my feet pay the consequences of matching the rest of my outfit. Enter Tieks. These flats are seriously comfortable, extremely well made, and fold up easily into your purse so you can carry them wherever you go. Before I recently opted-in for TSA pre-check, I loved how easy they were to slide on and off for security, while still looking put together and high quality. 





The Carry-On Cocktail Kit 


Flights can be long. Throw in some turbulence, and you’re really in need of a cocktail. I fell in love with W&P designs carry on cocktail kit to give as gifts, but also to actually use myself. This small tin fits easily in your purse and gives you everything you need to make 2 delicious cocktails at 30,000 feet. Not to mention, they're good conversation starters when an attractive member of the opposite sex ends up in the seat next to you (hence the reason the kit makes 2 maybe?)





Aspinal of London Luggage Tags

I've made the mistake of failing to have a luggage tag (so naturally the airline then lost my luggage). I've also made the mistake of running late to the airport and having to waste precious time filling out those flimsy paper ones that usually rip off anyway. I finally decided to invest in these Aspinal of London Luggage Tags, and I'm wondering why I didn't' from the start. They're durable, chic and lost luggage is no longer (as big of) a fear. 





Frends "Taylor" Headphones in Rose Gold

Trying to listen to music for long flights can get painful with earbuds crammed in your ears for hours. Frends are comfortable, sound great, and double as an accessory around your neck when not in use.
 'Back Me Up' iPhone Portable Charger 

My phone battery goes dead so quickly anytime I travel. I even have 2 phones (I keep work and personal separate) and I still had battery issues this last trip to Paris. When one device serves as your camera, map, and means of communication (among many other things) it’s naturally going to be in your hands almost non-stop. So instead of having heart palpitations when my “10% battery remaining” notification comes on the moment I’m just walking into the Lourve - I learned having one of these little portable batteries is a quick-fix life saver. 




Cuyana Canvas + Leather Weekender Bag

Before my Cuyana weekender tote, I was that annoying girl on weekend getaways. Either I was lugging around 4-6 bags because I didn't have one that fit everything or I was the classic over-packer who brought an entire suitcase for a few short days. But now this one bag meets all my weekend travel needs. It's extremely high-quality, classic in style, and very spacious. Not to mention I've gotten compliments every time I've carried it. 




holbrook candle

Holbrook Candle Company

*USE Atal CODE AT CHECK OUT FOR  $20 off $75!* 

I stumbled upon this quaint candle company on Instagram and fell in love with their brand vision of making unique candles that embody the aesthetic of world travel. As a traveler, I love bringing some of my favorite places back into my home. My favorite scents are Almafi Coast, English Tudor, Italian Villa and French Chateau (I also love Bali, which is a scent I got a sneak peek of that is coming this spring/summer!)





OPI Samoan Sand Nail Lacquer

I've flown home with chipped, haggard nails many a time. Eventually, I realized that painting my nails a neutral color was a fail safe, because even significant chips aren't too noticeable. My go to favorite is "Samoan Sand" by OPI. 



Stay tuned for more about these products in posts to come! They'll be tagging along with me on several trips in the near future.