malibu farm cafe

Malibu, California


Malibu is arguably my favorite part of the greater Los Angeles area. Unlike it's chaotic counterparts, Malibu is a peaceful beach town on the outskirts of the city. Of course, it's no secret-- everyone knows about this gem (and it's price tag reflects that). 

But even if you aren't staying here, it's worth making the trip out for an afternoon to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy a meal by the beach. And it just so happens that one of my very favorite restaurants in the west is here: Malibu Farm. 

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Moving on to Malibu Farm: this spot offers farm-to-table food and the best views you could ask for. Located on the Malibu Pier, you won't find more beautiful views or healthy, delicious food. Every time I come to LA now, I make a trip to Malibu specifically for this little gem. 

While I've never had anything that's not insanely delicious, some of my favorites include: I do have lots of favorites. Let's start with drinks. Not only do they have tons of beer, wine and fresh pressed juices, but their cocktails are out of this world. 

We started with a watermelon mimosa and watermelon cocktail (cucumber infused vodka, watermelon & lime juices, and organic agave) for something light and refreshing. 


For our next round we tried the Smoke (mezcal shisito, chipotle agave + Squeezed lime juice) and the Jalapeño (Uno dos tres organic blanco tequila, jalapeño agave, + lime juice) for some drinks with more of a kick. All 4 drinks were awesome- I don't think there's a single drink on the menu that's not. 

Now for the starters:  this place has the best cauliflower crust pizza I've ever tried. Couple that with the black bean hummus + seasonal veggies and you'll still feel like, super healthy while indulging in both pizza and hummus. GOALS.

For the mains, we loved the spotlight tacos trio (a chicken taco, butternut squash taco + skirt steak taco) and the raw brussels sprout salad with some salmon on top. 

In case you're still not sold, they have amazing desserts to end your meal with a sweet note. Try the coconut carrot cake, the grilled chocolate cake or the caramel ice cream sandwich. 

Regardless of it you pop in for a full meal or simply a cocktail, don't miss the chance to experience Malibu Farms. Everyone I've ever recommended it to has loved it and all my friends I've taken request we go back every time we're in LA. 

malibu california

I'm off to pack for a tropical getaway I'm excited about! Stay tuned for more travel guides and adventures ahead. Until then, have a great Wednesday, friends!