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Best Bags for Travel


Summer has officially arrived, which means the most popular travel season is upon us! As you prepare to pack your bags for your next holiday, I thought I'd share the ones that have become my personal favorites after I've dragged them all over the globe. 




I suppose a travel wallet isn't a bag, but I felt compelled to include this essential because I often carry it as a clutch (which is kind of a bag, right?) This Cuyana pebbled-leather travel wallet is honestly one of my favorite everyday items I own (I've pointed several friends to this piece and they're now advocates for it as well!) It's perfectly sized to fit in any purse or carry on bag without being too large and bulky. It neatly compartmentalizes your credit cards, travel documents, passport and spare change (plus there are plenty of other compartments where you can keep business cards, a lipstick or other essentials if that's all you want to carry out one night).




Selecting a single purse for travel is a daunting task, but here are some things I definitely recommend. 

-Zip-able compartments to protect against pick-pocketing. 

-A strap you can wear as a cross body to make yourself less susceptible to theft.  

-A size that's small enough to not be cumbersome to carry all day, yet large enough to hold everything you need. 

-A material/color that wears well over time and won't get dirty easily. 

-Something classic that can be worn with a variety of outfits - regardless of what you pack in your suitcase. 

My "go-to" purse while traveling that ticks all of these boxes has been this Fashionable Menbere Foldover Bag in black. It comes with a removable strap so you can wear it as a cross-body for daytime security but also as a clutch at night (and it holds the travel wallet I mentioned above perfectly!) There is also a large zip-able compartment to keep valuables in and a pocket in the back that makes your phone more easily accessible. I also love supporting Fashionable because they are a brand that's focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. They employ these women both locally in Nashville,  but also globally. 





This Cuyana classic structured tote is my most recently acquired travel bag, and I've absolutely loved it so far. I often use it as an everyday purse when I'm trekking around the city (it holds all the essential items you'd have in your purse, but also my laptop sleevewater bottle and whatever book I'm reading). It's also perfect for an airplane carry on or any occasion where you want to carry a little more than what you could fit in a purse. Cuyana also recently launched this tote organization insert that fits into it perfectly if the idea of digging for your belongings stresses you out!



I've had this Le Sud overnight bag by Cuyana for about two years now, and I still carry it all the time (they don't make it in this color anymore, but it still comes in black and I've provided a similar bag with the same color options). Similar to what I said about the carry-all tote above, this is a great bag when you need something to carry a little more than "just the basics." Whether you use it as a gym bag or one to carry the essentials you need for a quick overnight jaunt, this sleek canvas tote has been a staple in my travel repertoire. 



Everyone needs a good duffle bag, and I've actually found two that I love. Both are great for weekend trips or a larger carry-on option to bring on the plane, but there are a few reasons I like having either as an option. For a classic canvas bag that can be thrown around or checked if need be without too much worry, I've loved my Cuyana weekender (they actually don't make this exact bag that's pictured anymore, but the Le Sud weekender is essentially the same thing!)  When I'm traveling for work or any kind of elevated occassion, this  Leatherology large Kessler duffle is beautifully made and adds a bit more polish.


The bags listed above are all fantastic and I can personally attest to their quality after trying them out myself for several years. None of this is sponsored-- just trying to pass along some expertise to fellow travel enthusiasts in search of a good bag! Hope you find these recos to be helpful and if you have any questions about them, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy travels wherever you're off to next!