packing for europe in winter


what to pack for a trip to europe in winter

Hey friends! Hope everyone is having a great week thus far. I've been bundling up more than usual lately as the temps keep dropping here in London. Winter is always pretty brutal, but I've found it to be even more true here in Europe for some reason (depending where you go). While I plan to do a proper packing guide for a long term trip abroad, I thought I'd zoom in a bit and speak to those of you traveling to Europe in the winter. 


For starters, I LOVE being in Europe during the winter for several reasons, but mainly because of the Christmas markets and the significant drop in tourists compared to the summer months. But those things aside, there's something so magical I can't quite put my finger on, and I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself at some point. 


When you do, be sure you pack appropriately. While cold weather may not be foreign to you, European lifestyle causes you to be outdoors a bit more than you may be used to (walking is a much more common mode of transportation than in the states). So wherever you're going in Europe this winter, here's what you need to pack: 



To be honest, I find gloves to be a bit annoying. Even if they keep my fingers toasty in the winter, I usually never wear them- until I'm in Europe. Even if it's not frigid, the seemingly constant state of being outdoors makes your fingers feel like they're going to fall off, so gloves are a must. Opt for something chic like these Ugg tech leather gloves with shearling lining or these "Jenny" leather tech gloves by Burberry. 





Beanies are pretty much my best friend in the winter here in Europe. They can make an outfit look more pulled together, they keep your head + ears warm, they hide unwashed hair AND they're easy to pack.  Be sure to bring neutral options (like this and this) as well as a fun color (like this or this) to mix things up a bit. 





The warmer the coat you pack, the better. I highly recommend a down option (and if you have a fur/ faux fur lining- even better!) If you're going somewhere really cold, opt for a longer parka (like this or this). If you're going somewhere a bit more mild (which honestly, London usually is) you'll be fine with a wool blend like this or this



Turtlenecks are a great base layer to wear under those parkas and scarves. You can opt for a more lightweight option like this, or you can go for a thicker knit like this or this




No matter what pants you wear, be sure to pack some thermal leggings as a base. I love these fleece lined leggings and also these. You can wear them on their own or underneath jeans if you want to stay extra toasty. 




It may sound obvious, but pack a good variety of scarves. This layer is always key in Europe, no matter the season- but especially in winter. I love this chic cashmere oversize wrap in grey (I wear it with everything it seems!) for a good neutral. I also like having some printed options like this or this

Hope this helps inspire your packing for a magical winter in Europe (or any cold-weather destination for that matter.) Hope you have a great Wednesday, and stay tuned later this week for a giveaway I'm excited to announce!