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Happy Black Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you're not too full from eating turkey! In a continued effort to help you with your travel-related holiday shopping, I thought I'd do a post dedicated specifically to luggage (because there's LOADS on sale this weekend!) I'm often asked "What is the best luggage to buy?", which is a fair question considering it's one item required of every single traveler. I've tried my fair share of brands over the years and have rounded up the pieces I've found to be the best quality for value. 



Hard shell suitcases are my personal preference given the additional protection (but I also tend to check lots of wine bottles, so take that with a grain of salt). While these tend to be a bit more expensive, you can still find great pieces at a reasonable price. I currently am using this DVF set (*which is also on sale!*) but have also disclosed if you basically live out of a suitcase like I do, it's not the most sturdy option (still hanging in there, but in hindsight I should have invested in a piece that was a little more durable). Again- if you're traveling a normal amount, I think this is a great set! But if you're checking it 3+ times a month and walking miles through the streets of Europe like I've been... reconsider. If you are traveling very frequently but can't spend a fortune, aim for a piece like this Victorinox 2.0 Spectra, this Bric's Riccione, or this Delsey Helium Aero (*ALSO ON SALE!*). If you're traveling all the time and want to invest in top of the line luggage, it truly will be worth it. In that case, I'd recommend something from Tumi (like this V3) or Rimowa (like this Topas).

this DVF set  is ON SALE this weekend!

this DVF set is ON SALE this weekend!




If you tend to take short trips or prefer to not check a bag, you'll definitely want a quality carry on suitcase. I'd recommend something like the Samsonite Inova (*ON SALE*), the Samsonite Mightlight (*ON SALE*), or this Delsey Helium Shadow (*ALSO ON SALE*).  




Having a quality carry on duffle is essential not just to bring on an airplane, but it's great for overnight, weekend road trips or even a gym bag. Given the I swear by my Cuyana Le Sud Overnight tote and my Cuyana Overnight Bag. Another favorite (by many) is this Lonchamp 'Le Pliage' Expandable Travel Bag



If you tend to travel with lots of hanging pieces, it's wise to invest in a garment bag. I like this Victorinox WT 5.0, and this Samsonite Silhouette is currently ON SALE!

Hope this helps your hunt for the perfect luggage! If you have more specific questions while shopping this weekend, feel free to e-mail me at: and I'll do my best to respond. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post! I'm sharing lots of my favorite travel items that are on sale this weekend!  




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