what to pack for spain

Barcelona Packing Guide


Hola once again! If you've been reading this week's posts, you know we've been talking about all things Barcelona (like where to stay and where to eat).  Today, we're continuing that trend by chatting about another important planning detail: what to pack.


No matter what time of year you visit Barcelona, chances are it probably won't be cold. The "winter" lasts from December to February (with average temperatures around 53°F). Most visitors go between April and October when it's generally sunny + warm. Assuming you fall into that majority, here are some items I'd recommend packing in your suitcase:



A classic leather bag is clutch for Barcelona (pun intended). The style in Spain is versatile, so you want a purse you could wear while browsing a market in a fedora + espadrilles, but also take to a tapas + wine dinner date wearing a chic pantsuit and wedges.  You'll also notice a lot of these suggestions are cross-body options, which was intentional to help protect you from pick-pockets (keep a close eye on your belongings regardless- it can happen here!) 

Go for real leather like this, this or this. If you prefer that vegan life, try a faux option like this or this. And if you prefer to add a little pizazz to your bag, try one with a little fringe (here or here).



This look has already been having a moment this year, so there's no better time to embrace the trend and let the Spanish sun kiss your shoulders. During the day, opt for a bold print (like this) or pops of bright color (like this or this). And just because the sun goes down doesn't mean you have to cover back up. Opt for a darker piece (like this romper that could pair with an espadrille wedge). 




Maybe it was just me, but I feel like I noticed SO many Spanish women wearing chic jumpsuits and rompers. My favorite look was styling them with a sleek pony + bold red lip (which I saw done a few times.) If you're going for a daytime look, try lighter linen fabrics (like this or this). And for after dark? Try a chic pop of red (like this). 



Casual shift dresses are pretty much always a traveling "must" for me. They're comfortable and super easy to make yourself look pulled together. Pair this staple (also here or here) with a with a fedora + espadrilles to give it a Spanish flare.



I love Espadrilles in so many warm weather climates, but especially in Spain. This style of shoes have been made in the Pyrennean region of Catalonia since the 14th century, so not only is it a "cute" look to wear-- it's extremely historic in Spain. Today they come in all sorts of styles to pair with any look: wrap sandals (also herehere and here), wedges, and the traditional slide on style




While fedoras aren't technically Spanish (the term actually comes from French dramatist Victorien Sardou's play. Thanks, Wikipedia) they seem to have adopted the look over the years. Aside from "looking the part," I love hats while traveling for lots of reasons (mainly because you can go longer without having to wash your hair, and they make you look more pulled together in an instant). You can go for a classic style like this or this if you want a "one size fits all" approach. If you want to step outside the box a little, go for a deeper tone straw like this, or even forgo straw all together with a wool version if you happen to visit in the cooler months. 



Don't fuss with a massive beauty routine in Barcelona. In all honesty, you're likely to sweat off most make-up and the humidity will kill any curl you put in your hair. But 2 products that will serve you well? A bold red lip (like MAC's "Ruby Woo") and texturizing spray to combat humidity + embrace that undone look (Oribe is my favorite and smells amazing too). 




Depending where else you go in Europe, I recommend a larger hardshell suitcase for Barcelona. Even if you don't need all that space going over there, you'll want it coming home (coming from the gal who brought back SEVEN bottles of Spanish wine last time). If you're a light to moderate traveler, go for something chic + affordable (like this DVF piece). If you're on the go more frequently and want something more durable that will last longer, opt for something like this, this or this


Obviously this doesn't cover everything you need to pack, but hopefully you'll find it helpful as you plan your trip to Barcelona (or any warm weather climate in Spain for that matter!) 


Stay tuned for tomorrow's fourth + final Barcelona post from this trip: all about what to see + do! Until then, have a happy Thursday, friends!