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Moab Utah Travel Guide

moab utah travel guide

When I was plotting my return trip back to Nashville on my coast-to-coast road trip, including Moab, UT in my itinerary was a no-brainer. Renown for it's iconic Arches National Park (home to over 2,000 arches) Moab is a natural-beauty-lovers dream and somewhere I highly recommend visiting. When you do, here's what you need to see:



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Chances are, this is the reason you're coming to Moab- and for good reason. This park is brimming with incredible rock formations and provided me with some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen. We only had one day to see everything we wanted, so I sat down with the adventure team at Sorrel River Ranch (which I'll get to in a minute) and created the perfect itinerary (in order as you drive along the loop) if you want to see the "best of the best" in 4-6 hours or less. 



park avenue trail

Start your trip with a bang on this easy, one-mile trail (2 miles total). It will take you along some of the giant monoliths of the park and is one of the first major attractions you’ll hit on your way in. 





Next, you’ll drive for a bit all the way to the top of the park. Park at Devils Garden Trailhead and hike over to Landscape Arch- the largest arch on the entire planet (#casual). The hike is only about a mile and a half round trip and is an easy difficulty level. 




skyline arch

Leaving Landscape Arch, make a short (like, really short) jaunt over to Skyline Arch. This short + easy trail is one of the most popular landmarks in the Arches and is less than a half-mile roundtrip from the parking lot and back. 




After Skyline Arch, you’ll make another short journey over to Sand Dune Arch (where, as the name implies, you’ll find quite a bit of sand at its base). You’ll often find hikers kicking off their shoes to dip their toes in the sand as if they were at a beach. This is also an easy trail (1.7 miles round trip) and definitely worth a stop. 



moab utah

From Sand Dune Arch you’ll drive for a bit over to the most famous arch in the entire park (and arguably, the world): Delicate Arch. You’ll probably recognize it from the Utah license plate or countless of posts on social media, but the hike up also happens to be one of the most dynamic trails in the park. Delicate Arch is in a bowl, freestanding at the top all on its own. Seeing as this is the most popular arch, be prepared for more of a crowd on your 3 mile round-trip hike (but you simply can’t leave the park without seeing it). 




As you leave Delicate Arch and drive back toward the Visitor Center, stop at Balanced Rock- located almost in the middle of the small park. This trail takes you on a short loop hike up to, and around the Balanced Rock (one of the easily recognized landmarks of the park). Again, another easy hike here- not even half a mile roundtrip. 





For your final stop of the park, scoot a couple miles over from Balanced Rock to Double Arch. This incredible formation takes its name for obvious reasons- two arches share the same stone for their foundation. The trail is half a mile round trip and is a magnificent way to end your time in the park. 


Everything we saw in the park is incredible and I highly recommend this route. Be sure to pick up a map of the park from the Visitor Center (if you don't already have one) just to keep on hand- cell service can be spotty. You also won't find much of anything for food or water once you're in the park, so plan accordingly by bringing your own according to your needs. 



While Moab is an incredible place to visit for it's natural beauty, I'd argue there's not a ton of options in terms of accommodations. While camping is certainly an option, I found another way to experience the best of the natural beauty + adventure without compromising any luxury. Enter Sorrel River Ranch. 

moab utah sorrel river ranch
sorrel river ranch

Set amongst the most spectacular scenery near southern Utah's famous arches and red rock mountains, Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa elevates the standard of luxury lodging in Moab, Utah. With 160 acres of wide open ranch land tucked away along the Colorado River, this property is truly a destination in itself. 

sorrel river ranch

Before I dive into the additional features of the property, let's start with the rooms. Ours offered gorgeous views of the river + red rocks, a cozy fireplace, and stunning decor.  We could have easily spent all our time here and been quite content, however there was way more on-site we wanted to experience. 

sorrel river ranch
sorrel river ranch
sorrel river ranch luxury resort utah

Aside from the lodging being heavenly, they've thought through everything you could possibly need to ensure you have an enjoyable stay: complimentary wi-fi, complimentary bottled water, laundry, babysitting, fitness center, a spa, a petting zoo + stables for kiddos, in-room dining, a pool + hot tub, complimentary guided hikes, morning yoga, astronomy nights, live music, tennis courts, bicycle rentals... do you see why this is a destination in itself? 

My personal favorites? Every night they have a bonfire (complete with a S'mores concierge) where you can cozy up + socialize with other guests staying on the property. But the most helpful and unique offering (in my opinion) is their adventures concierge. This is who helped us plan our entire route through Arches National Park, but they certainly offer more than that. These guys can help you plan hikes, hot air balloon rides, skydiving, mountain biking, canyoneering,  river adventures, horseback riding and even excursions to the Grand Canyon by private plane. They've literally thought through every kind of activity you could possibly want (be it in Moab or a popular destination that's even remotely close enough to venture to). They were so knowledgable and helpful and I can only imagine what adventures they could have planned out for us if we were staying longer! 

I can't say enough wonderful things about Sorrel River Ranch. They've truly thought through every single detail to ensure that your time with them is unforgettable. Whether you're traveling as a couple, with friends or as a family (especially a family) you're guaranteed to have an incredible stay and your expectations will be greatly surpassed. 


While I was mostly in activewear for my time in Moab, I did have fun "looking the part" in some western-inspired gear like this bodysuit paired with this bandana neck scarf

So there you have it! My time in Moab was short + sweet, but absolutely incredible. You could easily entertain yourself here for a week if you like outdoor adventure, but you're also capable of seeing the highlights in a few short days if you're pressed for time. Either way, be sure to add this stunning destination to your list of places to visit in the US. 


Thanks as always for stopping by! I hope you're feeling inspired to see more of the world that God created for us. Stay tuned for more adventures coming to the blog this week. Until then, have a great day, friends! 



moab utah travel guide
moab utah travel guide