to hell with conventions



To hell with conventions.

While this may not be a personal mantra, per se, it’s certainly a backbone of Blonde Atlas.

You see, for a long (too long) time I’ve wanted to start a blog. I’ve wanted a place where I could write about my passion points; a place that could serve as a creative outlet that helped inspire people. It sounded so dreamy...until I would think about everything that I thought “had to” go into it:

  • Perfectly arranging beautiful objects to photograph.
  • Generating  high social media engagement.
  • Carefully articulating each post with the perfect blend of intellect, wit, simplicity, and inspiration.
  • Proofreading (which when done effectively, means no wine.)
  • Should it be a fashion blog? A cooking blog? A mommy blog? (definitely not that last one).
  • Analytics.
  • Logos.
  • URL hosting.
  • so.
  • many.
  • things.
  • so.
  • little.
  • wine.

And isn’t that how it often goes with things we really want to do? We’re paralyzed by those damn “shoulds” to the point that we do nothing. So I decided to take the plunge. Not because I had it all together, but because I decided that if I remove those pressures and parameters around what I imagine a blog should be, I could empower myself to just START.


Thus, Blonde Atlas is born. There’s no deep philosophical meaning behind Blond Atlas—I’m a blonde and I’m inspired by travel, simple enough, right? So what can you expect to find here? Well right now my only content requirement is: does this have potential to inspire? If so, let's talk.


In a nutshell I want Blonde Atlas to challenge you to set goals and try things you don’t think you can do (like start a blog when you’re a little scared...for example). I want to stir up a desire in you to travel and explore beyond your familiarity. I want to point you to tools that will enrich your career. I want to help nudge you out of your comfort zone.


I want to help you create a richer life. I want to inspire you to find your true north and start heading that way; whatever, however, or wherever that is for you (to hell with conventions, remember?)


I’m beyond thrilled that you’re here and hope you stay along for the ride. Cheers!