What would it look like to live your best life possible? Forget about bragging rights or how much money you think you’re supposed to make. We’re talking about those things you actually love – to awaken and dig deep to pull those things out and build a full life for yourself.


I get it though. It’s far too easy to let everyday life get in the way or distract you from your dreams- which is exactly why I started hosting goal workshops: to create intentional time that’s dedicated to discovering what sets your soul on fire.  Because I believe the desires on your heart aren’t there by accident, and that it’s time to start doing something about them.


During the workshop, you’ll set aside all the everyday clutter and start asking yourself what you want out of life. It’s my hope that you’ll leave with a clearer understanding of what you were made to do (or what I like to call finding your “true north”) and then start heading that way.  


If you're interested in hiring me to speak or lead a goal workshop for you and your friends, colleagues or organization, contact me & let's make it happen.