My name is Whitney and I live for adventure. I started Blonde Atlas as a destination for inspiration and living your best life possible. After my own life took some drastic + unexpected turns, I decided it was time to actually start living the life I’d always dreamed about. Pretty soon, I was traveling to dozens of countries, finally reading books that sat on my shelves for years, mastering some impressive yoga poses, and accomplishing a lot of other cool things. 

Doing all of this made me feel so alive, and I wanted others to experience the same rush. Thus, Blonde Atlas was born. I now live for exploring as many places as I can, tasting delicious food + wine, and experiencing "the good stuff" in life. I'm constantly looking for beautiful places and life-enriching products or experiences to share with my readers, while simultaneously encouraging them to discover what makes their heart pitter-patter. It's my hope you leave feeling encouraged to discover that for yourself.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so glad that you're here.