Exactly one year ago, I launched Blonde Atlas as a platform for inspiration and living your fullest life. I thought it would be a fun little hobby, or at least a good creative outlet. And it’s allowed me to be creative, alright. So creative, in fact, that after a few months, I dreamed up this crazy idea to someday make it my full time job (what does that even mean!?) I told myself I could probably pull it off in 5 years if I worked really hard (maybe 3 if I was lucky). Regardless of when, I was excited about the possibility. 


But somewhere along the way this year, my desire to inspire others to live their fullest life prompted me to put my money where my mouth was and do the same for myself. It’s been wonderful, terrifying, and everything in between to chase after the things that make my heart beat faster: traveling across the globe, dreaming big with people, and believing that possibilities are endless. 


And now today? I’m beyond thrilled to announce that my 5 year goal is real life, because Blonde Atlas is now my full time gig. And life has never felt more right. 


Regardless of if you’ve never read my blog before, if you stumble across it every now and then, or if you’ve read every single post (God bless you if that's the case), let me give you a little context about what you can expect moving forward: 



The blog will continue to function the same way it always has, as the backbone of my site. This section will be where all frequent updates are made (where you’ll see all my travels, thoughts on faith and everything in between). As I continue to grow and expand upon the things I’m passionate about (travel and dreaming with people) you can expect to see a lot more content that highlights those areas of my life. But in addition, I’ve added additional pages to the site for each pillar that’s developed within my brand that gives more specific context to each category: Dream Big, Travel Often & Find Your True North.


dream big


What would it look like to live your best life possible? Forget about bragging rights or how much money you think you’re supposed to make. We’re talking about those things you actually love – to awaken and dig deep to pull those things out and build a full life for yourself.

I get it though. It’s far too easy to let everyday life get in the way or distract you from your dreams- which is exactly why I started hosting goal workshops: to create intentional time that’s dedicated to discovering what sets your soul on fire.  Because I believe the desires on your heart aren’t there by accident, and that it’s time to start doing something about them.

During the workshop, you’ll set aside all the everyday clutter and start asking yourself what you want out of life. It’s my hope that you’ll leave with a clearer understanding of what you were made to do (or what I like to call finding your “true north”) and then start heading that way.  

Workshops are hosted around the world (stay tuned for one in a city near you!) If you're interested in hosting your own for you and your friends, colleagues or organization, contact me & let's make it happen.





I've loved to travel as long as I've been alive. If my internet browser is in use, there's a 100% chance that one of those tabs is a map of an adventure that I'm plotting. When I worked a 9-5, I used all my holidays, long weekends and vacation days to travel- but it never seemed to satisfy my appetite. 

Today, whether I'm consulting businesses or goal coaching, I'm able to do my work from any time zone or part of the globe. I've seen some incredible places (over 17 countries and 50 cities to date) and I'm just getting started.

My hope is to not only see and experience as much of the world as possible, but to also be a valuable resource on the blog for those who share my curiosity about travel. I'm on a hunt for the best places to see, things to do, dishes to eat and adventures to experience. 

I've partnered with destinations everywhere from Rosemary Beach, FL to Napa Valley, CA and am always ready to venture wherever is next. If you're a travel professional with a destination in mind, I've got a suitcase + a passport.





I don't just want to help you discover what your passion is, I want to help you bring it to life and see it thrive. 

For years, I put my advertising and marketing degree to use at some of the top global ad agencies in the world. I consulted renown brands (in categories everywhere from tourism, to luxury automotive) on how to optimize their marketing + social media strategies. Working for large corporations was extremely rewarding, but my passion has always been the origin of a dream behind a brand and the people who dreamed it. 

Today, I work full-time to create custom-tailored marketing and social media strategies that are unique to each of my client's needs. I want to hear who you are and what your vision is. And I want to help you position your brand's story in a way that's not only effective for your business goals, but in line with who you are at the core. If you're interested in hiring me to consult your business, drop me a line and let's talk. 


Working with great people makes me happy. Questions or inquiries about any of the above can be sent to: theblondeatlas@gmail.com Shoot me a note and let's talk about what's possible. 


So there you have it. Blonde Atlas has gone from an idea that existed in my head and my heart for years, to becoming my passion and livelihood. And it's almost comical now to be in such a joyful position, because when I finally pulled the trigger and launched it, I happened to be in one of the most barren, lost and confusing places I’d ever been in my life. There’s been so much stripped from me and so much I’ve shed over these last 365 days: relationships, a cushy salary, a life that felt predictable, safe and comfortable- the list goes on. But something beautiful has happened in the process of God uprooting these (arguably) good things: it’s allowed new life to be planted, bloom and flourish. 


I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that I'd be standing where I am today. I'm so proud of myself for the bravery it required to take risks that felt scary, and for the perseverance it required to overcome challenges that felt insurmountable. But more than anything else, I am completely beside myself with how much gratitude I feel towards all the friends + family who have loved me so well and encouraged me in ways that words won't begin to suffice. I’ve never felt more alive, more supported, or more confident about what I'm doing with my life than I do in this very moment.

Thank you (sincerely) for joining me on this journey- in whatever capacity you may have been involved. The road ahead has never looked more beautiful. Let's keep going, shall we?